Strategic Management of Your Human Capital Needs and Assets Will Determine Your Organization’s Success

DCC can assist your firm with identifying needs, developing initial and succeeding action plans, while facilitating change designed to enhance the success of your organization. All of our consulting and training efforts are designed to improve employee teamwork, productivity, efficiency, communication and morale.

Our services include assisting you prior to the hiring process through termination. The following is a partial listing of our human resources training and consulting offerings:

Job Description Development
Reduction in force
Misconduct Investigations
HR Policy Development
Succession Planning
Termination Execution
Strategic Planning

Developing Interview Questions
Talent Acquisition
EEO Investigations
Professional Development
EEO Training
Talent Management
Peer Reviews

Conducting/Facilitating Interview Process
Specific HR Training Topics
Executive Management Vetting
Complaint/Grievance Process
Affirmative Actions/Marketing
Organizational Development
Performance Reviews