Diversified Consulting Concepts, LLC (DCC) is a training and consulting firm specializing in improving your organization’s teamwork, productivity and efficiency, while enhancing employee engagement.

Our team of experts have over one hundred years of combined experience, providing technical training and consulting services to private sector, non-profit, local, state and federal government organizations.

Our Core Values

Wisdom, Integrity and Network (WIN) can be trusted by our clients to help them achieve their goals in today’s challenging environment.

• Our team of experts will use their Wisdom of over 100 years to strengthen our client’s strategic productivity, efficiency and internal collaboration.
• The Integrity of the DCC team demonstrates our stewardship and client centered approach to provide specific training and consulting solutions.
• DCC’s ability to provide a highly talented team of experts comes from our Network of partners.

With the WIN, our clients will receive the best practices, services and solutions for their organizations.

Our Mission

DCC is dedicated to strengthening your organization by developing your human talent to embrace and execute your organization’s professional and cultural values. Our focus is designed to maximize the potential of your greatest asset – Your Employees and Volunteers.

Our Vision

To become the world’s most trusted advisors by providing organizations with solutions to positively transform the way their greatest assets, their people, conduct business.