Due to the increase number of individuals who are protected under the ADAAA, it is no longer a question of if your organization will receive a request for reasonable accommodations, it is when? Your organization should be prepared when that time comes, because failing to comply will be costly.

The ADAAA made it much easier for persons with certain treatable conditions, such as epilepsy, diabetes, intellectual and developmental disabilities, muscular dystrophy, and cancer, among many others, to make a disability claim. For organizations, this law immediately required significant changes in their policies, practices and training.

DCC consultants can assist those organizations who have yet to make the required compliance changes with becoming compliant with the ADAAA. In addition to providing training and policy development support, our staff can serve as a valuable consulting resource to your managers, as they begin to address the challenges this legislation presents for organizations.

Accessibility is one area of EEO law which is continuously evolving and requires the support and attention of someone familiar with the changing dynamics of not only the legislation, but also the recent administrative and judicial decisions regarding the law’s implementation and interpretation.