How do you, as a selecting official, know the person on paper is actually the person that will physically come to work – if selected?

Today’s technology combined with the willingness of some to falsify their credentials ensures that the answer to this question has become more difficult. No longer can most human resource departments or inexperienced investigators adequately assist their leadership team with this challenge because the rules have drastically changed in favor of the potential candidate. Not only have the rules changed, but the prospective employer is sometimes, the last to know they have changed. DCC can serve as your organization’s eyes and ears in this regard, affording you the opportunity to maximize your time and other resources doing the critical tasks which directly contributes to your organization’s success.

When potential employees and representatives are referred to DCC for vetting and background checks, we will adjudicate each potential candidate utilizing a variety of internal and external assets to ensure our clients are fully informed prior to extending an offer of engagement to anyone. It is unquestionable that most organizations have the ability to obtain volumes of information regarding potential candidates. However, most are not equipped to interpret, conduct comparative analysis and adjudicate with the proven expertise as DCC. DCC specializes in examining data from multiple sources and “connecting the dots”, which requires a high level of expertise, advanced investigative skills and a high level of sophistication regarding the technological advances utilized in today’s society.

DCC can help your organization avoid embarrassing and costly mistakes during the vetting process, providing the assurance that your newly appointed representatives have been thoroughly vetted. Unscrupulous individuals can create documents which indicate they graduated from a particular school, held a prestigious position, excelled in a particular industry and/or concealed an unflattering criminal or civil record. DCC will work with you to ensure that you, the selecting official, know the facts prior to making your decision.

Some of the analytical tools utilized by DCC to authenticate truth and accuracy of potential employees and representatives:

• Completing written application
• Submission of resume, vita and/or references
• Comprehensive vetting interview
• Criminal background check
• Civil background check
• Polygraph Examination
• Environmental inquiry
• Psychological examination
• Compatibility (fit) test

Organizations are targeted by a variety of individuals with varying interests, including terrorists, spies, criminals and those simply seeking opportunities in which they don’t deserve. DCC welcomes the opportunity to partner with your organization to ensure your selection process eliminates this group of individuals before they become members of your team.

What our clients can expect from DCC during the Background and Vetting process:

• Privacy and confidentiality
• Time certain deadlines
• Electronic and physical investigative technics
• On demand responsiveness
• Veracity and validation
• Confirmation and corroboration