DCC can help you achieve fairness, accuracy, consistency, and efficiency in the peer review and performance process.

Organizational leaders are under increased pressure to understand and measure the competence of their executive, managerial and professional staff. The pressure is driven by various sources, including but not limited to publicly available data, liability, lack of financial resources and the expanding requirements of industry and governmental regulatory bodies. These higher standards of measurement are designed to increase competence and to mitigate liability. Though the peer review process has been a part of some industries for decades, the growing trend by other industries to embrace the process has been met with mixed results.

DCC’s team of experts understands that trust, or the lack of trust, amongst peers can often be very challenging and the basis for many internal problems. Though well intentioned, many internal review processes often raise complaints of being negative and punitive. By utilizing the services of DCC your organization can be assured of reducing the potential of damaging internal relationships.

Even if your organization has some form of internal peer review process, the value of an external review cannot be underestimated. DCC’s independent perspective and expertise will prove to be a valuable tool to your internal efforts. DCC has developed a practical, cost-effective and solution-driven approach to help organizations evaluate and improve professional performance that can positively transform your work environment, while simultaneously meeting internal and external requirements.

DCC’s peer review process includes utilizing an inter-disciplinary approach, which relies on external experts from multiple specialties. The team will discuss, evaluate and opine regarding performance issues that cross specialty borders. DCC employs a methodology wherein the peer review process is an opportunity to improve individual and overall performance of the system as a whole. DCC’s problem solving approach seeks out measurable solutions that are meaningful and significant to the organization, its members and those they serve.