BOTTOM LINE…. An investment in team and organization development always produces an exponential return.

Strategic, Entrepreneurial, Civility, Results, & Engaged, Thinking (SECRET™) assists organizations with correcting deficiencies, maximizing their potential and increasing their profits. DCC’s uniquely designed product, SECRET™ supports the goals and objectives of owners, executives and managers while simultaneously equipping front line staff members to think systemically and execute organizational plans in a strategic manner. The SECRET™ specifically prepares employees to value the principles of the corporate culture in its most comprehensive and efficient manner, based on the directives of the organization’s leadership.

The SECRET™ is designed to overcome barriers that hamper the goals of executive leadership from being executed by their subordinate supervisors and front line staff. Organizations will find that the SECRET™ creates a corporate business culture, which can be sustained and changed, as needed, over the life of an organization to achieve its business goals and objectives. Employees, at all levels will embrace the SECRET™ because it helps them understand and value the global organizational concepts and business reasons for management’s decisions, while simultaneously aligning staff efforts with the organization’s strategic goals.

Organizations and teams within an organization will experience the following results:

• Trust amongst team members
Enhanced staff engagement, input and role clarification
Accomplished leadership development
Meaningful and improved communications skills
Workforce inspired by mutual respect and dignity
Organized and systemic approach to the development of a corporate culture
Reduction in workplace conflict, internal complaints and sick leave use
Knowledge of strategic and organizational principles and expectations

Organizations very often perform their routine tasks just to survive; however, surviving is merely existing. If your organization is struggling to meet its minimal goals or barely passing mandated inspections, then embrace the principals of SECRET™ and lead your organization to success. Your organization does not have to be a survivor when the opportunity exists to become a champion; learn the SECRET™.