More employers are choosing to utilize Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and consensus decision-making to resolve workplace disputes and to improve labor-management relationships.

Labor and management relationships have changed significantly in recent years. While resolving the dispute at hand, ADR often reveals systemic problems. These systemic problems are opportunities for the organization to develop much needed strategic solutions. ADR conducted by DCC consultants can help your organization save significant resources (money, time, productivity, etc.) by addressing both the dispute at hand and the identified systemic issues, when appropriate. Disputing parties will have the expertise of a DCC consultant to assist with developing solutions to resolve their differences. Well thought-out and timely resolutions to disputes afford your workforce an opportunity to return to being productive members of your team.

Facilitation, Mediation, and Interest-Based Meetings are various forms of ADR used, singularly or in combination to resolve disputes and conflicts in the workplace. ADR has proven to be so effective in some civil settings that the disputing parties are directed by the courts to participate in ADR prior to gaining access to traditional court proceedings.

DCC professionals have participated in the development of ADR practices and programs for over 25 years. Using their expertise, DCC staff can manage an ADR program for your organization or can train your staff to manage your organization’s own ADR program.

ADR is a proven process designed to resolve conflicts, ADR is significantly faster and less costly than utilizing traditional complaint processes or other legal proceedings.