Without proper training and consultancy services, your supervisors and managers, legal agents of your organization, will often and unintentionally expose your organization to liability.

The failure of employers to accurately distinguish acceptable conduct in the workplace has resulted in settlements and awards handed down by our court system, EEOC and other administrative proceedings. Such legal precedence and the development of new legislation continuously change which supervisory actions may or may not lead to charges of discrimination. This necessitates regular and updated training in the areas of Equal Employment Opportunity and Diversity for selected staff members in any organization. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the courts view properly trained supervisors and managers as less of a liability than supervisors and managers who are not trained in EEO and Diversity policies.

Charges of discrimination, whether founded or not, will cause disruption in the workplace and prove costly to the organization financially and otherwise. Act before it’s too late; let DCC help you reduce your liability in the area of discrimination. Our training and consulting services include, but are not limited to:

Gender & Sex

Policy Development

Human Relations
Sexual Harassment
Updates/Recent EEO Decisions

DCC’s Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) and Diversity consultants have a proven track record of providing EEO and Diversity training and consulting to governmental agencies, private sector and non-profit organizations. DCC consultants can provide EEO and Diversity training to members of your organization at all levels: employees, supervisors, managers and executive leaders.