DCC can help your organization establish good community relations with businesses, governmental agencies, campuses and community partners. This will help you to work toward mutually agreed upon goals and objectives which benefit the community at-large.

Decisions made by policy-makers in the public sector are becoming more challenging due to the limited resources (funding, expertise, etc.). DCC can assist your organization by providing expertise regarding a specific issue, leveraging your existing resources, building collaborations and developing sustainable solutions.

In communities across the globe, decisions made by public sector decision-makers are becoming more and more challenging due, in part, to the limited resources (funding, independent third party input, expertise, etc.) within a community to address the identified concerns. The volunteer hours donated by members of our communities is a testament to the goodwill and desire of our neighbors to proactively improve their community. However, due to the passion and beliefs that drives the volunteerism; there are times when our conversations and actions become uncivil and disrespectful, hindering the process of improving our communities.

In addition to being a neutral third party, DCC consultants come with a wealth of knowledge that may assist community stakeholders with developing the best strategies and solutions for their community. Whether a non-profit organization, governmental entity, business council, homeowners association, law enforcement agency, community advocacy group, etc.; DCC consultants have the experience and expertise to successfully develop strategic solutions, advocate and execute the same. We can provide a number of services, to include, but not limited to:

• Facilitating public meetings, public hearings and stakeholder meetings
• Resolving disputes between law enforcement and community stakeholders
• Training executives and staff on public outreach techniques and issues
• Developing and implementing strategic public involvement plans
• Developing documentation of stakeholder contacts and outreach
• Developing collateral and media materials to inform the public
• Developing and maintaining a database of stakeholders
• Communicating with stakeholders via canvassing, phone, mail, or e-mail
• Researching and preparing exhibits and materials
• Programming and training regarding community relations
• Applying for and implementing grants

DCC consultants address each community and their concerns as unique and independent. Our consultants can be relied upon to ensure we engage all stakeholders in an interactive and inclusive manner. We promise to focus on addressing your community needs by developing innovative, measurable and sustainable solutions.